Rheum australe Leaf Stalk

Botanical Name:  Rheum australe


Common Name: Padamchal, Dolu, Rhubarb root 


Family: Polygonaceae


Parts Used: Leaf Stalk


Description: Rhubarb is a strange plant. Its roots have many medicinal uses. Its stems make tasty pie. And its leaves are poisonous. Chinese physicians have used rhubarb root since ancient times. They prescribed it externally as a treatment for cuts and burns and internally in small amounts for dysentery. They also discovered that large amounts have powerful laxative actions and promote menstruation.


Medicinal Properties: Strangely enough, rhubarb root has dual intestinal effects. Studies show that small amounts of rhubarb help relieve diarrhea. And, large amounts of rhubarb have powerful laxative action. Rhubarb should be used as a laxative only as a last resort to treat constipation because it’s very harsh.


Uses: laxative amounts should not be used by people with chronic intestinal problems such as ulcers or colitis. Pregnant and nursing women should not use rhubarb laxatives. Also, be sure not to use the laxatives for more than two weeks. Over time it causes lazy bowel syndrome, which is the inability to have bowel movements without chemical involvement.