Acacia rugata

Botanical Name: Acacia rugata
Common Name: Shikakai
Family: Fabaceae
Parts Used: Leaves, Bark and Fruit pods

Description: Shikakai a is a small shrub-like tree which grows in India. Its pod-like fruit is collected, dried and then ground into a fine powder.

Active Compounds: Lupeol, Spinasterol, Acacic acid, lactone, Natural sugar glucose, arabinose and rhamnose.It also contains hexacosanol, spinasterone, oxalic acid, tartaric acid, citric acid, succinic acid, ascorbic acid, and the alkaloids calyctomine and nicotine.

Medicinal Properties: Provides New Life to Hair Strandsstrengthens Hair Rootsincreases Bounciness and Silkiness of Hairclears Dandruff

Uses: To cleanse hair, for promoting hair growth, preventing dandruff, strengthening the hair from its roots