Allium wallichii

Botanical Name: Allium wallichii

Common Name: Ban Lasun

English Name: Wild Garlic 

Parts Used: Fibrous roots, leaves

Habit and Habitat: Himalayan (Nepal to Bhutan), W China


Description: Galbrous bulbless herb with numerous fibrous roots and 3-angled stem up to 90 cm tall. Leaves many, linear, or spear-shaped, flat and keeled, to 2 cm broad, often as long as the stem. Flowers purple,numerous, long-stalked, in a lax rounded umbel, 5-7cm accross; petals broadly linear, longer than the purple stamens and ovary.

Medicinal Properties: Bulbs are chewed to cure cough and cold. If eaten, bulbs are considered to alleviate altitude sickness. Plant is also used to substitute Allium Carolinianum.


Uses: Used as spices in Food.

Resource: "A compendium of Medicinal Plants in Nepal" by Sushim Ranjan Baral and Puran Prasad Kurmi (October' 2006)