Berginia Ligulata


Vernacular Name: Pakhanved, Silpaado

English Name: Rock foil

Distribution: Himalaya (Kashmir to Nepal)

Parts used: Rootstock, seeds

Description: Perennial rhizomatous herbs; root 1cm in diameter, outer surface brown, rough, inner smooth. Leaves ovate or round, 5-15 cm long, turning bright red, entire. Flowers white, pink or purple, and 3.2 cm in diameter.

Use: Rootstock is bitter, astringent, diuretic, carminative, demulcent, aphrodisiac; also useful in fever, diarrhea, pulmonary afflictions and renal and muscular calculus. Rhizome paste is taken to get rid of roundworm.

Application: Decoction, juice, paste and powder of Rhizome