About Us

Our company has the aim of providing genuine Nepalese herbs , herbal products and spices at reasonable price , make people get its miraculous healing benefits and also make general public aware of its greater medicinal values with no side-effects.

We have wide knowledge about the fauna and flora of Nepal and even better knowledge about medicinal plants and spices . Our passion for herbs brought us into this business and we have been into this business for the last 14 years. In the early stage of our business , we had to walk for 4-7 hours to remote places in the hilly region to collect herbs. Almost all the Nepalese herbs well known for their strong medicinal effects are found in the high altitude mountainous regions . Even to this day , many such places do not have motorable roads and the only medium of transport are porters . Now we have our people in all those places to collect herbs and we are selling them to the traders in different cities of Nepal .


Recently we realized that we should not confine our knowledge about those valuable , god-gifted ,life-saving herbs within our domestic market and within our society ; we even have the responsibility to make the people around the world aware of the miraculous medicinal values of Nepalese indigenous herbs and help them enjoy its benefits ; and we just launched our website for this purpose , which we consider as a window to connect and convey our message to the people around the world. We are proud to provide you all the information about the medicinal herbs , spices and some natural products found only in Nepal. These information includes their benefits, molecular structure of main ingredients found in each herb and the mode of its effect on our body and if possible recent research articles about them. We hope ,people will benefit from our endeavour.